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Introducing Virtuoso

Benefits of Virtuoso

Originally published by Marin Community Foundation [link] on December 14, 2017

For some, philanthropy is more than an interest. It’s an essential part of who they are. For those donors with a profound commitment to charitable giving – and significant resources to commit – we have established Virtuoso.

Virtuoso is custom-made philanthropy. Choose your preferred giving vehicle, establish your priorities, and we will create an experience tailored to your precise needs.

Leverage MCF’s status as a public charity to receive the financial and administrative benefits of a donor-advised fund, combined with the structural benefits of a private foundation. This offering, available to funds of $5MM and greater, is a highly effective and streamlined way to implement organized individual or family giving strategies.

Benefits of Virtuoso

  • Independent. You may establish a board of directors - on which you may choose to sit. The board can determine its own investment strategy and grants priorities or alternatively, choose to use MCF’s investment pools and ask MCF’s seasoned Investment Committee to invest the assets on its behalf. It can also create its own by-laws.
  • Cost-effective. Set-up fees and annual administrative expenses are significantly lower than for a private foundation.
  • Tax-efficient. Gifts qualify for maximum tax benefits, including full deductions for contributions of real estate and closely held stock. There is no excise tax on investment income. And there is no annual distribution requirement - unlike private foundations which must make minimum distributions each year, equal to 5% of the value of its assets.
  • Access. Virtuoso opens a world of connections. In addition to networking with other members, we can arrange meetings with nonprofit directors, community leaders, and the President and CEO of MCF, Dr. Thomas Peters.
  • Family involvement. Virtuoso funds are the ideal vehicle to create a family tradition of giving, or to better formalize a strategic approach to family philanthropy. We have developed a proprietary series of engaging, productive sessions that you and your children can come together over to discuss important topics such as values, passions, community and responsibility – and then create a highly personal giving plan.
  • Private label branding. If you elect to use a board structure, you may choose a name and ask MCF’s marketing team to develop its brand, comprising logo, color palette and letterhead design. Your brand will appear on fund stationery and in all communications. Other promotional materials, including a website, can be designed at your discretion.
  • Dedicated senior philanthropic team. Members of Virtuoso enjoy the expertise of a senior advisor who is responsible for executing research, conducting site visits, guiding the giving strategy and performing all of the administrative duties, including the issuance of RFP’s, proposal review, docket preparation, proxy services, Board minutes and more. Access to expertise in evaluation, marketing and investing is also provided, as needed.

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